Negin Erfani

Marketing Manager

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I completed my Computer Science degree in 2006, and my journey into digital marketing commenced with my involvement in projects at Abtin and Bargh Afshan Sepahan companies. During my tenure there, I developed a web application using ASP.NET on the Microsoft platform and successfully executed numerous marketing campaigns that substantially expanded our customer base.
I proudly serve as the co-founder of Rooshan Sazan Sanat Iranian, where we have undertaken and completed many successful projects, establishing a highly esteemed brand reputation in the market. As I look ahead, I am enthusiastic about embarking on the next phase of my marketing career as a member of the Diaco Center platform. I aim to cultivate my expertise in international industrial marketing further.

My Work Experience

Diaco center

Co-Founders and CMO

Roshan Sazan Sannat

Markting Manager

Bargh Afshan Sepahan

Marketing and Sales Manager

Abtin Technologies

Coder and Sales Specialist

Abtin Technologies

Coder and Sales Specialist
(Jan 2007 - Sep 2009)

Driven by my passion for marketing, I leverage my background in computer science to excel in digital marketing. This passion involves crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing everything from social media to developing their ASP.NET website.

● Digital Marketing
● ASP.NET web application

Bargh Afshan Sepahan

Marketing and Sales Manager
(Sep 2009 - Dec 2016)

Our company specification was on supplying diesel and gas engine generators with CHP. My responsibilities include recruiting and managing the sales team, market research, building customer connections, and utilizing local sellers. Among my accomplishments, I have successfully made many new connections with partnerships and significantly boosted the company’s sales and overall turnover during my tenure.
● Creating sales team
● Making new connections

Roshan Sazan Sanaat Iranian

Markting Manager
(Jan. 2017 - PRESENT)
Co-Founders and Member of the board(Jan. 2017 - PRESENT)

I create marketing teams, identify revenue streams, conduct market research, manage global partnerships, and prioritize critical markets for executing digital marketing. Our business revolved around supplying and installing wind turbine spare parts, equipping electrical for oil and gas equipment, instruments, control, and automation systems, and providing consumables for steel mills.
● Recruiting marketing team
● Conducting market research
● Executing digital marketing

Diaco Center

Co-Founders and CMO
(Feb 2023 - PRESENT)

My objective is to carry out a marketing project on a global level while taking into consideration the competitive environment as an opportunity to apply my technical expertise and professional experience towards building a start-up from scratch. By joining the considerable team at Diaco Center, I was able to undertake significant responsibilities, including the design and execution of a strategic and all-encompassing marketing strategy.

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