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Morteza Jafari


Morteza Jafari; He is an entrepreneur, investor and immigration activist.He is the founder and CEO of companies such as IRimmigration Inc, Landa Startup Inc, Kourosh Construction Co., each of which has a good track record in the field of international activities. IRimmigration is a Persian-speaking information service that operates under Canadian law.

IRimmigration Inc

IRimmigration Inc was established to immigrate to Canada; This company is known as the largest immigration and citizenship information source in Canada.
The company has provided the conditions for many startups to grow in Canada.


Economy of Canada, thanks to broad economic relations, very high employment rate and GDP, is the ninth largest economy in the world.


Canada, located between Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has a pleasant weather. It has a captivating and enchanting nature and many fascinating tourist attractions.

Quality of Life

Beautiful nature, developed society, migrant acceptance, free healthcare, high employment rate, educational opportunities and cultural diversity, makes life quality in Canada one of the bests.

Individual rights

Citizens of Canada enjoy racial and gender equality and freedom of thought and expression, which makes Canada one of the best immigration destinations.

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Landa Startup Inc

The company invests in innovative projects. Teams and individuals submit documents to submit their designs for expert review.
This collection provides the amount of capital required for the projects and it can even be said that the idea creation team of this collection owns several startups.

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